About FieldTRAKS Solutions

FieldTRAKS builds enterprise agriculture solutions that utilize mobile and cloud technology.

Introduction to CropPartner

CropPartner app will be of interest to farmers and agri-businesses who looking for a mobile solution for tracking crop level operations.  It has rich content which includes detailed pre-populated lists for activities such as products applications, scouting records and manure credit calculations.  The interface uses a responsive design that will adapt to different device sizes and take advantage of devices features such as cameras and GPS capabilities.

CropPartner™ provides row crop growers and Agri-businesses with a mobile crop management solution tailored for field crop growers that provides environmental stewardship benefits and improves their net profitability.  It provides activity dialogs that are easy to use and pre-populated with many items commonly used in Canada and the USA for activities such as product applications, scouting observations and nutrient management.

It is available for Android and iOS devices.  Although it will work on devices of all sizes, it is best viewed on tablets where the larger screen sizes are better for viewing map data.

In an effort to deliver a clean and easy to navigate interface, the design team implemented features such as:

A dashboard that provides information tiles that display

    • recent activity records (that can be selected for editing)
    • upcoming scheduled tasks (that can be selected for editing)
    • RSS News & Weather feeds
  • Collapsible navigation panel on the left side that contains quick page links to the field display, map window, activity dialogs and other main sections.
  • Collapsible right panel that displays statistical/summary data, crop year selection and action buttons for adding content.
  • Pre-populated dependent lists. Many of the activity records utilize drop-down lists to make data entry fast and accurate. Where there are dependencies, the lists are automatically filtered by the selected content.  For example, the scouting activities are filtered by the crop type selected when the crop is created.  If it is a corn crop, the growth stages, disease lists and insect lists are filtered to those that relate to corn.  In some cases these dependencies cascade for several levels (e.g., crop type > disease type > disease name).  The database content for list items includes over 2000 entries include weeds, insects, diseases and application products.

It contains Activity Dialogs for:

Field Level

  • Manure Records (OMAFRA Pub 811 Method)
  • Fertilizer Records (Standard Products & Blends)
  • Soil Sample (Conventional & Smart Soil Sampling/Mgt Zones)
  • Tillage

Crop Level

  • Planting
  • Product Applications
  • Scouting (Weeds, Insects, Diseases, Nutrients, Damages, Moisture)
  • Harvest